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CAS Ambassadors

This organization’s purpose is to promote and support the betterment of the College of Arts and Sciences by establishing unity and closer communications between students, faculty, and administration. We also assist incoming and current students in their endeavors by providing advising and knowledge about the College of Arts and Sciences and its majors.



CAS ambassadors

“The CAS Ambassador program has encouraged me to meet new people. From the other students in the organization, to the prospective students at CAS events, I've really enjoyed the opportunities this program has provided me.”

- Annagrace Lewis, President 2018-19


  • Attend events on behalf of the College of Arts and Sciences and provide students with information about the various majors and programs
  • Periodically participate in social media outreach by posting to various social media outlets
  • Help to guide wandering incoming students around campus to their designated advisors
  • Represent the College of Arts and Sciences by promoting events on campus, wearing CAS apparel, and being a student mentor at various
  • Take part in volunteering events around the Stillwater community with other ambassadors



  • Network with other students and future students
  • Work with different populations and diverse individuals
  • Improvise and think on your feet
  • Gain more information about the opportunities that Oklahoma State has to offer
  • Share your passion for Oklahoma State with others
  • Improve your public speaking and communication skills
  • Share your positive personal experiences to potentially leave an impact on future students
  • Have fun!



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