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Looks like President Clinton and Vice President Gore, right? Wrong... It’s Clinton’s face twice, with two different haircuts.

There’s a face... and the word “liar.”

Is the left center circle bigger? No, they’re both the same size.

It’s a spiral, right? No, these are a bunch of independent circles.

Keep staring at the black dot. After a while the gray haze around it will appear to shrink.

Can you find the dog?

Stare at the black light bulb for at least 30 seconds. Then immediately stare at a sheet of paper. You should see a glowing light bulb.

How many colors do you see? There are only 3 colors: white, green, and pink. There seem to be two different pinks, but there is only one.

How can this be true?

Do you see a couple or a skull?

Count the black dots.

Are the horizontal lines parallel or do they slope?

How many legs does this elephant have?

Do you see the three faces?

What does the sign say? Are you sure?

Do you see the face? Or the Eskimo?

Do you see a cube missing a corner? Or do you see a small cube in a big one?

Is the blue on the inner left back or the outer left front?

Do you see a musician or a girl’s face?

Do you see an old man’s face or two lovers kissing?

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