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To become a therapy client, please call the Psychology Service Center (PSC) at 405-744-5975 and set up an intake appointment. These occur at various days/times each week and typically last between 1-2 hours. This appointment is a chance for us to learn more about what you've been experiencing, and will help us to match you to the most appropriate available therapist.
After the intake appointment, you will be placed on the waiting list. When a therapist becomes available, you will be contacted via the phone number you've provided and your therapy time will be set up at that time.
Typical wait times between an intake appointment and starting therapy are between one and three months. Most clients are able to be seen within two months.  Sessions are typically scheduled between 8 a.m.-5 p.m., but some evening appointments are available Tuesday-Thursday.
Cost for the intake appointment is $10. Cost for therapy sessions are based on your yearly income and vary between $10-$80.


To set up an assessment appointment, please call the PSC. The front desk will take a message and your call will be returned by an associate director, who will then ask questions about what you would like to be assessed for and will collect other relevant information. You will then be placed on a waiting list for assessment services.
When a therapist becomes available, they will contact you via the phone number you provided previously. You and the therapist will then schedule your assessment appointment(s). Typically, assessments last several hours and may take several sessions to complete (for example, it is not atypical that an assessment requires three separate appointments, each lasting 2-3 hours). After all assessment visits are complete, it typically takes between two to four weeks to compile the data and complete the assessment report. Once the report is complete, you will be contacted to set up a feedback session, in which you will receive a copy of the report and learn more about the assessment results.
Typical wait times between contacting the PSC and being seen for your first assessment visit are between two and six months.  
Cost for assessments vary depending on what type of assessment must be completed. OSU students currently pay a flat fee of $250 for all assessments. Community members pay between $200 and $1,200 based on yearly income and type of assessment that must be completed.

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