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The BAT lab investigates multiple factors related to suicidal thoughts and behaviors (STBs). These factors include attention to emotional information, self-referential judgments, cognitive biases, social media use, and firearm safe storage. We use multiple methods to investigate these factors including remote eye tracking, ecological momentary assessment, and behavioral tasks.


Current Projects in the Lab

  • Tasks Assessing Concealed Thinking — we are examining whether suicide-relevant cognitive processes can help identify concealed STB 
  • Fictional Media and Suicide — we are investigating the relationship between depictions of suicide in fictional media (e.g., 13 Reasons Why), attitudes toward suicide, and STB
  • Perceptions of Suicide Crisis Lines — we investigate how perceptions of crisis lines affect willingness to save a crisis line number in one's phone
  • Suicide Screening Pooled Analysis — we are conducting a meta-analysis of the accuracy of suicide screening in predicting suicide attempts and/or deaths
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