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Dr. Morris' Lab

The Morris Lab is a premier research collaboration located in Tulsa, OK. Partnering with universities, community agencies and colleagues nationwide, this lab is under the direction of ​Dr. Amanda Sheffield Morris.


The Morris Lab includes state of the art facilities for collecting observational, physiological, interview and survey data. We have meeting rooms, offices and two spaces for collecting digitally recorded social interactions. We have space for parenting groups that are conducted weekly, and rooms for collecting data on infants and young children in a kid-friendly environment. We have a large team of collaborators, students and community partners, all focused on understanding and supporting optimal child and adolescent development.


Currently, Dr. Morris’s work includes two primary foci:

  1. First, her work on resilience and protective childhood experiences is examined through her PACEs Lab collaboration and CIRCA partnerships.
  2. Second, her work on factors that influence child brain development is conducted through her leadership in the Tulsa site of the HEALthy Brain Child Development NIH-funded national study.
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