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Dr. French's Lab

Dr. Juliana French's research integrates theories and knowledge from relationship science and social psychology  (e.g., attachment theory, interdependence theory) with psychobiological and functional perspectives to investigate how individual differences contribute to relationship functioning, developmental calibration of such individual differences (e.g., sexual desire, attachment insecurity), and how features of modern society, such as hormonal contraceptives and social media, alter mechanisms underlying attraction and relationship maintenance. 


Her work has been published in top Psychology journals, including Psychological Science and Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin.

Join Our Lab

Graduate Students

If you are a prospective doctoral student, Dr. French is looking for conscientious, motivated and passionate future relationship scientists to join her lab. If you are interested in studying relationships from an interdisciplinary perspective, harnessing insights from classic relationship science and social psychology with biobehavioral and functional perspectives you should apply to the Ph.D. program in Experimental Psychology at Oklahoma State University.


Undergraduate Students

If you are a current OSU undergraduate student and want to get hands-on research experience in the our lab, fill out the form below to apply to be an undergraduate research assistant. A minimum GPA of 3.5 is recommended, and prior coursework in Social Psychology, Psychological Research Methods and/or Neurobiological Psychology is preferred but not required.


Note: We review applications and conduct interviews mid-semester. New applications will be considered for Fall 2024 enrollment.


Undergraduate Research Assistant (RA) Application


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