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Parent and Child Psychological Adjustment in Pediatric Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Doctor examing a boy with mom looking onThis study seeks to identify how parent and child cognitive appraisals as well as parenting capacity variables contribute to emotional, behavioral, and social adjustment in youth diagnosed with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) and their parents. We are also interested in examining the influence of perceived illness-related stigma on social functioning, and its impact on youth and parent adjustment outcomes.

Psychological Comorbidity Among Children Diagnosed with a Juvenile Rheumatic Disease and Their Parents

Smiling family snuggling togetherThe purpose of this study is to contribute to a better understanding of the cognitive/emotional functioning and overall treatment of individuals diagnosed with JRD and their families. Specifically, identifying parenting capacity variables, and parent and child cognitive appraisals of the disease, as well as how JRD impacts their lives on a daily basis.

Assessing Psycholsocial Outcomes in Young Adults with Chronic Health Conditions

Young man lying on his side looking at cameraThe goal of this project was to examine psychosocial functioning and adjustment outcomes in college students with a wide variety of chronic illnesses, including asthma, allergies, Type 1 diabetes, and epilepsy, among others. Young adult college students with a chronic illness experience a multitude of stressors, including the transition of responsibility of health care from the parent to the young adult.Young adults who are diagnosed with a chronic health condition can experience a multitude of stressor.

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