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11/22/2021 — Grandmothers and Hormonal Underpinnings: Unexplored Aspects of Women’s Same-Sex RelationshipsArticle on Springer Link.


07/27/2021 — Stress response asymmetries in African American emerging adults exposed to chronic social adversityArticle on Taylor & Francis Online.


07/23/2021 — Women’s Mating Strategies And Preferences for Strong Men Under Perceived Harsh vs. Safe Ecological ConditionsArticle on Sage Journals.


07/2021 — The role of fathers on HPA axis development and activity across the lifespan: A brief reviewArticle in Journal of Neurobiology and Physiology.


04/05/2021 — Parenting, cortisol and risky behaviors in emerging adulthood: Diverging patterns for males and femalesArticle on Springer Link.


04/2021 — The endocrinology of female friendships: Cortisol and progesterone attunement after separationArticle on ScienceDirect.


01/07/2021 — Do BMI and sex hormones influence visual attention to food stimuli in women? Tracking eye movements across the menstrual cycleArticle on Springer Link.


2021 — The role of breast morphology on intrasexual competition in women: Women’s perceptions of breast size ptosis, and intermammary distanceArticle on APA PsycNet.


10/14/2020 — Effects of Women's Short-Term Mating Orientation and Self-Perceived Attractiveness in Rating and Viewing Men's Waist to Chest RatiosArticle in Archives of Sexual Behavior.


10/13/2020 — Together is better during acute threat under stress: Men and women desire affiliation following laboratory stress inductionArticle on Advance.


10/02/2020 — Does ecological harshness influence men’s perceptions of women’s breast size, ptosis, and intermammary distance?Article on Springer Link.


04/14/2020 — Contextual and genetic correlates of adrenocortical attunement and reactivity among parent-daughter dyads from low-income familiesArticle on Wiley Online Library.


2020 — The nuanced psychology of The Handmaid’s Tale: Commentary on power, feminism, and the patriarchy from four feminist evolutionary psychologistsArticle on APA PsycNet.


04/2019 — Exposure to a sex-specific stressor mitigates sex differences in stress-induced eatingArticle on ScienceDirect.


02/26/2019 — Fertility status in visual processing of men's attractivenessArticle on Springer Link.


12/2018 — The role of co-rumination and adrenocrotical attunement in young women's close friendshipsArticle on ScienceDirect.

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