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Research Team

Billy McCarthy headshot


Billy McCarthy, IV, M.S.

I am a doctoral student in the Experimental Psychology Program at Oklahoma State University. Before OSU, I earned my M.S. in Psychology from Villanova University.  I also served as the president of Psi Chi here. Before Villanova, I earned my B.A. in psychology and my B.A. in philosophy from Salisbury University. Throughout my career, I have worked with archerfish, mice, rats, bumble bees and honey bees. My primary research interest at OSU is the behavior of honey bees, and I am currently using a shuttle box to investigate aversive conditioning. I am excited by the prospect of working with novel species such as tardigrades (water bears), and I encourage any young scholar interested in comparative psychology to get involved with research as soon as they can.


Kiri Stauch headshot


Kiri Stauch, M.S.

I am a doctoral student in the Experimental Psychology Program at Oklahoma State University. Prior to attending OSU, I earned a B.A. in Anthropology and Psychology from Illinois Wesleyan University and a M.S. from Central Washington University in Primatology. During my time at IWU, I was a member of the Canine Cognition and the Behavioral Neuroscience Laboratories. My thesis focused on the alcohol honey bee model, specifically with a focus a comparison between the feeding versus vapor alcohol methods. 


Riley Wincheski headshot


Riley Wincheski

I am a doctoral student within the Oklahoma State University department of Psychology. I earned my bachelor’s degree in psychology from St. Mary’s University, in San Antonio, Texas. My primary research interests are the interactions between behavior, learning, and cross-species comparisons. I have experience working with animals as large as a beluga whale and as small as a tardigrade. At Oklahoma State University, I am currently performing research on different types of learning such as habituation, the CPR and the effects of medical marijuana on short-term memory. Additionally, I am interested in actively working to promote cross-field scientific collaboration.

Research Team Alumni

  • Timothy Black, Ph.D.
  • Ana Chicas-Mosier, Ph.D., 2020
  • Chirs Dinges, M.S., Comparative Neurobiology, 2016
  • Emily Kieson, Ph.D., Ecology and Evolution, 2019
  • Amanda Somers, M.S., 2022
  • Chris Varnon, Ph.D., Comparative Neurobiology, 2017
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