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National Guard/
U.S. Army Reserves

Simultaneous Membership Program

The Simultaneous Membership Program (SMP) option is available to current members of the Reserve Component (Army Reserve or National Guard) or non-scholarship ROTC Basic Course cadets, MSIs and MSIIs, who wish to receive financial assistance.


Members of the Reserve Component who wish to enroll in ROTC will serve concurrently in both their assigned unit and their ROTC unit, drawing benefits from both. Soldiers who are enrolled in ROTC will not be required to deploy upon successful completion of their first freshman semester and subsequent enrollment in their second freshman semester. Contracted SMP cadets (those with 30 or more college credit hours) are non-deployable upon contracting.


Prospective cadets with prior military experience will simply be assigned to a unit with a vacant SMP cadet slot (or, in some exceptions, with a vacant 2LT slot).


Soldiers may be placed in the ROTC Advanced Course as MS III cadets, depending on the number of credit hours earned, without the required Basic Course completion (BCT automatically qualifies SMP cadets).

Benefits of the Simultaneous Membership Program

  • Monthly stipend of $420 for contracted cadets.
  • Drill pay at the E5 level (or higher based on current rank) per month (may be more based on the latest military pay chart).
  • G.I. Bill benefits for those who qualify.
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