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Graduate Studies

The M.S. degree in mass communications focuses on media theory, ethics and research methods. The degree is designed to give students a more in-depth understanding of today's ever-changing communication landscape.
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Mass Communications

The Mass Communications degree is designed to give you a more in-depth understanding of the changing communication landscape. We have specialty tracks in global communications, brand communications and sports communications. 

4+1 Program

The School of Media and Strategic Communications offers an accelerated master's degree program in mass communications to outstanding undergraduate students. The program provides a format for students to complete their bachelor's and master's degree in five years. Oklahoma State University undergraduate students who have completed a total of 90 hours of undergraduate coursework in a major in the School of Media and Strategic Communications may apply to the School for the Accelerated Master's Degree program.

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Thesis and Project/Creative Component Examples

All graduate students complete either a thesis or Project/Creative Component. The thesis option trains a student to conduct traditional research that involves choosing an original topic, conducting an extensive literature review of the topic, and developing a research question. The Project/Creative Component is designed to give students an opportunity to develop and implement a project related to the student's interests. Internships equip graduate students to relate theory to practice in professional settings.

Thesis Option

The thesis option is designed to prepare graduates to teach at the college level or to continue toward doctoral work. The thesis option consists of 31 hours, including 6 hours of thesis research.

Non-Thesis Option

The non-thesis option is designed to help graduates advance their media and strategic communications careers. The school offers several non-thesis options consisting of 32 hours of course work with 7 hours devoted to degree completion. Non-thesis options include Creative Project (3-hour project elective, 1-hour project prospectus, 3 hours project research), Study Abroad (6 hours study abroad, 1-hour formal report), and Practicum (6 hours practicum, 1-hour formal report).

Project/Creative Component Option

The project/creative component option engages applied client-oriented research or special creative endeavors approved by the student’s adviser, such as the development of special promotional campaigns, a series of articles about an important issue, or audiovisual productions.

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Advanced Practicum/Internship

Often, this experience helps students obtain work samples, such as clips or broadcast stories on DVDs that are needed to help obtain jobs in the industry. Students enrolled in this program also can augment their knowledge of operations in media-related companies and form industry contacts that may enhance their careers.

Study Abroad

Students may take up to six hours of MC Study Abroad as a degree completion option. The School of Media and Strategic Communication offers courses abroad. Alternatively, study abroad courses may be taken at sister universities via OSU Study Abroad for degree completion.

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Graduate Resources

Graduate Assistantships

Graduate assistantships may be available through a competitive application process. The number of assistantships available varies by semester/year and positions are limited. Assistantships cover full-time tuition and pay a modest stipend in exchange for 20 hours per week of work with a faculty or staff supervisor. Some involve assisting in the classroom, others involve assistance to faculty in research efforts, others involve administrative duties. Applications for assistantships can be completed at the same time as applications for admission. Graduate assistantship applications can be found in the application portal.

Application Information

Graduate Student Handbook

The Graduate Student Handbook provides the information necessary to be successful as a graduate student at Oklahoma State University. The handbook covers topics such as course requirements, course registration, academic standards, keys to success and much more. Additional details on the thesis and non-thesis options are provided within the handbook as well. The handbook is designed to answer any questions you may have about your courses or the curriculum during your time at the School of Media and Strategic Communications.


Our distinguished faculty provide relevant research-based content with practical knowledge and skills that can be put into practice immediately. You will learn the best techniques for research and enhance your critical thinking skills. Not only are our faculty at OSU dedicated to teaching and mentoring you as a student, but they are also conducting groundbreaking research in the communication field. Our faculty is pushing boundaries in their research to ask and answer questions that advance knowledge, enrich lives and stimulate development. Our faculty’s research projects range from conducting intelligence research for Pentagon-based strategic assessment groups to eye-scanning research focused on the perception of advertising and public relations messages. Our faculty’s expertise offers you limitless opportunities to engage in collaborative inquiry and innovative study.

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