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Secondary Education Majors

Students who complete a Secondary Education major with the mathematics option will have completed all requirements for a second major in Mathematics. 

Degree Sheet


The requirements for a second major in Mathematics include 46 hours of mathematics and mathematics related courses. You must have an overall grade point of 2.00 or above with a minimum grade of C in each course counting toward the second major in Mathematics. The Departmental requirements are the same as those for a SCED degree under the Mathematics option.

  • MATH 2144,  2153, 2163, 2233, 3013,  3613, 4023, 4033, 4403, 4583, 4663, and 4713
  • CIED 4003 and 4053
  • STAT 4013 or STAT 4023

If Mathematics substitutions have been allowed by the College of Education, then you may still qualify for a second major in Mathematics. Consult any Mathematics advisor.


Two step procedure

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