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Arts and Sciences

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Ryan Armstrong, Ph.D.

Visiting Assistant Professor, Religious Studies

Richard Boles, Ph.D.

Interim Director of Religious Studies

Dani Dempsey, Ph.D.

Teaching Assistant Professor, Religious Studies

Jessica Doyle, M.A.

Teaching Instructor, Religious Studies

Glen Fairen, Ph.D.

Teaching Assistant Professor, Religious Studies

Jin Young Kim, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Religious Studies

Matthew Pereira, Ph.D.

Teaching Assistant Professor, Religious Studies

Justin Rice, M.A.

Teaching Associate Professor, Religious Studies

Adam Soltani, M.A.

Islamic Studies Adjunct Instructor

Affiliate FacultyThe following faculty teach and/or conduct research on topics related to religious studies.

Department of Art, Graphic Design and Art History

  • Dr. Cristina Cruz Gonzalez, Associate Professor, Art History

Department of History

  • Richard Boles, Associate Professor
  • Thomas Carlson, Associate Professor
  • David D'Andrea, Professor
  • Emily Graham, Associate Professor
  • Jason Lavery, Regents Professor
  • Tonia Sharlach, Professor

Department of Philosophy

  • Dr. Doren Recker, Associate Professor
  • Eric Reitan, Professor

Department of Sociology

  • Dr. Jonathan Coley, Associate Professor


Melissa Muhammad

Administrative Assistant

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