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American Indian Studies Minor

Our world is a global community, and it is more important than ever before to learn about the unique experiences of those with differing backgrounds from our own. By approaching American Indian Studies from an interdisciplinary perspective, students gain valuable insight into the cultures and traditions associated with both historical and contemporary cultural issues of tribal nations while also further developing their critical thinking, research and writing abilities. 


The goal of the American Indian Studies minor is to encourage students to expand their cultural knowledge and to gain an appreciation for American Indian cultures of Oklahoma, the region and the nation. The overarching purpose of the minor is to offer an interdisciplinary program for Native American and non-Native American students who wish to concentrate on the study of American Indian law, culture, history and language or who may be preparing for careers in tribal affairs or other related professional employment.



Required courses (3 credit hours):

  • AMIS 2013: Introduction to American Indian Studies (D) 

To complete the minor, students must select 15 additional hours from at least three disciplines. Courses are available in a variety of CAS disciplines including art, English, history, geography, languages and literatures, religion, psychology and sociology. 12 of the hours must be upper division courses. 


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