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Dr. Melissa Mills

Department of Mathematics

Dr. Melissa Mills

I am a professor in the Mathematics Department and the Director of the Mathematics Learning Success Center (MLSC). I believe that learning mathematics can greatly enhance the life of any person. Mathematics builds character such as creativity, play, logical reasoning, and problem-solving skills. I am dedicated to providing students with an atmosphere at the MLSC that will help them to grow and develop as mathematical thinkers. I train the undergraduate peer tutors to provide help that will empower students to become independent learners by pointing them to their resources and helping them build confidence in their mathematical ability.


My research focuses on learning mathematics in a tutoring setting. In particular, I am part of a team of math center directors across the country that is developing qualitative and quantitative evaluation measures to improve mathematics tutoring. We have also looked at tutoring interactions to understand how undergraduate peer tutors naturally interact with students so that we can build upon their strengths to train them to utilize more student-centered approaches in their tutoring.


I love to teach a variety of mathematics classes and interact with students in courses from College Algebra to math majors in Abstract Algebra. My students challenge me to think about things differently every day. I am proud to be a part of the OSU Cowboy family!

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