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Getting Started

  • Graduate Program: Chemistry, PhD 

  • Year: Third

  • Hometown: Kumasi, Ghana

  • I visited my grandma's village as a young boy. I was fascinated by how she used herbal preparations to treat various ailments.

  • To prepare as a medicinal, drug discovery, and drug development chemist, I took courses that would help me realize my dreams while in high school.

  • Initially, I wanted to be a professional soccer player, but to no avail.

  • My professor's advice, motivation, and biochemical research experiences during undergraduate studies thrust me into graduate programs.

  • With my passion for chemistry research, help from faculty, hard work, and dedication, I have enjoyed every minute spent at OSU.  

Making an Impact

  • We aim to discover drugs that can overcome resistance from bacteria, so I have synthesized and characterized molecules with functionality for perfect binding and interaction at the active site of bacterioferritin implicated in biofilm formation and antibiotic resistance.

  • These antibiotics will serve as a new strategy to combat Gram-negative bacteria and biofilms.

  • I presented my work at the American Chemical Society and Florida Heterocyclic and Synthesis conferences, and I have three publications in the journal Molecules

  • I recently received the Gary Smith and Soon Han scholarship for an outstanding graduate student from the OSU Department of Chemistry.

Looking Forward

  • My career goal is to become part of a community of experts in medicinal chemistry, drug discovery, and development with the hope of helping humanity.

  • I envision working in research institutions and pharmaceutical firms to design and develop new antibiotic and anticancer drugs.

  • I also see myself in academia; who knows where fate will thrust me. 

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