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Nathan Dice - featured graduate student researcher

How did you start researching?

  • Graduate Program: Physics, PhD
  • Year: Fourth
  • Hometown: Twin Falls, ID
  • My path to physics began while I was deployed with the Marines, reading works by great physicists during down time. After noticing the interfering waves in the wakes of two war ships, I realized that I wanted to expand my physics knowledge.
  • I met my advisor, Dr. David McIlroy, during my second week of college. I began working on a project involving IED detection technology, which held special meaning for me, as some friends had sustained IED injuries. I came to OSU with Dr. McIlroy to start my PhD.

Research Impacts & Accomplishments

  • I am seeking to develop novel 2D lenses in the field of non-linear optics. I am exploring new configurations of a substance made up of gold and silicon.
  • I am exploring the energetics that led to meso-textured materials, then developing their optical properties. 
  • I have a manuscript submitted for publication and I am writing another. 
  • We have a provisional patent filed on our work, and I recently presented at the American Physical Society Texas Division virtual conference. 

Looking Forward

  • I would like to get a job at Idaho National Laboratories as an applied physicist. 
  • I would also like to offer physics outreach in rural communities. 
  • I was in college when I took my first physics course. I think we can do better to bring physics to children sooner. 


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