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Dhruba DasDhruba Sinha's headshot

Graduate Teaching Associate

Curriculum Vitae


     Dhruba is a social psychologist studying group processes, group identities, self, and in-group-out-group relations. She received her M.S. from Oklahoma State University. Currently, she is a Ph.D. candidate and working toward getting her doctoral degree by Spring 2023. She is primarily interested in religious nationalism, nativism, social movements, citizenship politics, and foodways. Her dissertation research investigates the boundaries of Indian citizenship and citizen identities using oral history interviews.

     She is currently working on several papers focusing on the Hindu nationalist movement. She is also working on a foodways project in collaboration with the Oklahoma Oral History Research Program. This photo-voice project explores the intersections of food, identity, and community. She is a qualitative method enthusiast and employs innovative qualitative designs in her projects. Her publications include articles in Sociological Forum, Socius, Sociology Compass, and Sociology of Education.

     Dhruba currently serves as Vice President of Alpha Kappa Delta.

  • B.A. in Sociology(with honors), University of Kalyani (India), 2007
  • M.A. in Sociology, University of Pune, Maharashtra (India), 2009
  • M.S. in Sociology, Oklahoma State University, 2017

Research Interests
  • Social Identity Theory
  • Group Identity
  • Group Relations and Intergroup Conflict
  • Inequality
  • Qualitative Research Methods
  • Social Movements
  • Nation and Nationalism
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