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The Ethics Center at Oklahoma State University is committed to promoting moral reflection and deliberation in personal, professional, community and civic life. We do not seek to dictate values; rather, we attempt to meet our organizational commitments by organizing and promoting workshops, symposia, conferences and other forums where those interested — including professional ethicists, faculty, students, and the general public — can study and discuss relevant topics.


We attempt to support research relating to applied and professional ethics and provide OSU with a centralized office that students, faculty and the public can contact to find out what ethics classes and resources are available.


The Ethics Center is sponsored and operated by the Department of Philosophy at Oklahoma State University, under the direction of Scott Gelfand, and overseen by a standing committee of faculty members with research and teaching interests in applied and professional ethics.


Dr. Scott Gelfand, Director


Dr. Lawrence Pasternack 


Dr. Eric Reitan

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