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TESOL and Linguistics Courses

Undergraduate Courses  


ENGL 2243 Language, Text and Culture (HI)

Investigation of how human language relates to culture.


ENGL 2443 Languages of the World (I)

A comprehensive survey of world languages. The essential structural and historical organization of languages. The process of languages as a basic human function. Same course as FLL 2443.


ENGL 4003 History of the English Language

The growth of the English language.


ENGL 4013 English Grammar

The traditional terminology and concepts of English grammar leading or evolving into the several current systems of description.


ENGL 4033 Discourse Analysis

Introduction to the analysis of the language used in spoken and written discourse contexts in a variety of genres


ENGL 4043 Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages

Designed to develop the skills and techniques needed in teaching English to speakers of other languages (TESOL). Examines the theoretical issues behind the practice and methodologies and classroom techniques, including the testing of English and the selection and preparation of teaching materials.


ENGL 4063 Introduction to Descriptive Linguistics

The methodology of linguistic analysis.


ENGL 4073 Introduction to Sociolinguistics

The study of how languages and varieties vary in social contexts and how they are regarded.


ENGL 4080 Studies in Linguistics

Study of a topic in linguistics, chosen at the instructor's discretion.


ENGL 4083 Applied Linguistics

Introduction to the applied study of language in use, including aspects of discourse, power, identity, and language choice among other topics.


ENGL 4093 Language in America (DS)

Historical development of American English. Regional, social and cultural language differences.


ENGL 4143 Language and Technology

Introduction to the use of linguistic knowledge in computer applications today. How the study of language has contributed to the advancement of technology and how certain computational problems have influenced the way linguists study language.


ENGL 4180 Internship in TESL

This internship is designed to provide instructional support and professional mentoring for students seeking the undergraduate certificate in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages).

Graduate Courses


ENGL 5120 Studies in Teaching English as a Second Language

Selected topics in teaching English as a second language; e.g. cross-cultural communication, materials preparation, bilingual education.


ENGL 5123 Approaches to Language Acquisition

An overview of theories of first and second language acquisition.


ENGL 5130 Studies in English Grammar

Selected study of current topics in grammatical theory as it applies to the teaching of English.


ENGL 5133 Phonetics and Phonology

Exploration of fundamental aspects of the use of sound in human language.


ENGL 5140 Seminar in Linguistics

Selective study of current topics in linguistics.


ENGL 5143 Descriptive Linguistics

An introduction to phonology, morphology, syntax and semantics.


ENGL 5153 Syntax

The study of the principles and rules for constructing phrases and sentences in natural languages.


ENGL 5173 Sociolinguistics

Introduction to linguistic change and variation in speech communities, focusing on the methods of data collection and analysis. May not be used for degree credit with ENGL 4073.


ENGL 5183 Acoustic Phonetics

An introduction to acoustic phonetics. Students will learn basic principles of the acoustics of speech sounds, develop practical skills in instrumental measurement, and learn how acoustic data can answer questions about sounds and sound patterns in language.


ENGL 5243 Teaching English as a Second Language

Materials and methods of second language instruction.


ENGL 5313 Internship, Teaching English as a Second Language

Supervised teaching of beginning through advanced English as a second language courses.


ENGL 5333 Second Language Assessment

Introduction to the fundamental principles of second and foreign language assessment, including theories of language testing and practical aspects of developing and using language tests. Topics include test design, construction, administration and scoring, psychometric and measurement concepts, basic statistics, as well as test analysis and reporting.


ENGL 5340 Studies in Discourse Analysis

Selected topics in the study of language in use in spoken or written contexts.


ENGL 6410 Topics in Linguistics

Study of advanced topics in linguistic theory and research.


ENGL 6420 Topics in Second Language Acquisition

Study of topics in second language theory and research.

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