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Minor in Linguistics

The linguistics minor is designed to introduce students to the theory and research of language underpinning its use by humans, animals, or machines. The linguistics minor will provide students with background relevant for a wide range of areas, including computational linguistics, native, foreign, and second language education and learning, language and technology, language and the law, communications disorders, language variation and change, studies in discourse and interaction, and communication in a variety of public and institutional settings.

Minors in linguistics are individually tailored to the interests of the student. All minors must have a minimum of 15 credits in linguistics, of which 9 credits must be at the upper division level. All programs must include ENGL4063. GPA of 3.00 with no grade below “C.”

Required course: ENGL 3063: Introduction to Linguistics: Exploring Human Language

Four additional courses from the following list:

ENGL 2243(H,I): Language, Text and Culture
ENGL 2443(I): Languages of the World
ENGL 4003: History of the English Language
ENGL 4013: English Grammar
ENGL 4033: Discourse Analysis
ENGL 4043: Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages
ENGL 4073: Introduction to Sociolinguistics
ENGL 4080: Studies in Linguistics
ENGL 4083: Applied Linguistics
ENGL 4093(D,S): Language in America
ENGL 4143: Language and Technology
PSYC 4343(S): Language Development
PHIL 3003(A): Symbolic Logic
PHIL 4543: Philosophy of Language

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