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Language Studies Lab: Physical Resources

We have a variety of resources to support your language study research, including:

  • Desktop and laptop computers loaded with software data analysis

  • Recorders

  • Microphones

  • Soundbooth

  • Nasometer

  • Eye Gaze Tracker

  • Electroglotograph

  • Insta360 ONE X2

  • Library

The lab is staffed by a director and two lab assistants who are here to support your research through both one-on-one and group training on our software and hardware. We also maintain our own manuals for the equipment and software we support, which we can tailor to the specific needs of language researchers. Please email the lab for more information about our office hours.


Selected Lab Equipment

Soundbooth Recorders:
Zoom H4n Pro i, Zoom H2n, Scarlett Solo, Marantz

zoom recorder




Audio Hardware (Scarlett Solo, Marantz PMD660)
Acoustic Analysis (Praat, NORM)
SuperLab4 Procedures
Sound Booth Recording



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