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Faculty Governance

Arts and Science Faculty Council 

Lynn Lewis (Summer 2022 - Spring 2024)

Arts and Science Tenure and Promotion Committee


Lisa Lewis (Fall 2021 - Spring 2023)


Arts and Science Curriculum Committee

Nancy Caplow


Graduate College Faculty Representative



Personnel Committee

Personnel Guidelines (Revised Oct., 2020)

Area Representative Term
Chair Elizabeth Grubgeld Summer 22 - Spring 2023
Professor Tim Murphy Summer 22 - Spring 2024
Professor Carol Moder Summer 22 - Spring 2023
Associate Professor Josh Daniel Summer 22 - Spring 2024
Associate Professor Kate Hallemeier Summer 22 - Spring 2023
Assistant Professor Chelsea Silva Summer 22 - Spring 2023


Curriculum Committee

Curriculum Committee Charter (Revised 2020)

Area Representative Term/Status
British Literature Lindsay Wilhelm
 Summer 21 - Spring 23
American Studies
Lisa Hollenbach  Summer 22 - Spring 2024
Screen Studies  Stacy Takacs  Spring 2023-Spring 2024
TESL/Linguistics Nancy Caplow (on leave fall 22) Spring 2023 – Spring 2024
TESL/Linguistics Stephanie Link (fall 22 sub) Summer 2022 – Fall 2022
Rhetoric and Writing Studies  Lynn Lewis (chair)
 Summer 21 - Spring 23
Creative Writing Lisa Lewis  Summer 2022 - Spring 2024
Undergraduate Major Advisor Clarissa Bonner*  Voting Member
Student Representative TBA  


Teaching Assistant Selection

Area Representative
Composition Joshua L. Daniel
Writing Center Anna Sicari
International Composition Stephanie Link
Graduate Director Stephanie Link


English Graduate Studies Committee

Graduate Studies Committee Charter (Revised 2021)

Area Representative Term Until
Literature Lindsey Smith
Rhetoric & Writing Studies, TESL/Linguistics Anna Sicari 2023
Creative Writing, Screen Studies Aimee Parkison 2022


Admission Committee

 Area Representative
Literature Tim Murphy
Creative Writing Lisa Lewis
Rhetoric and Writing Studies Lynn Lewis
Screen Studies Jeff Menne
TESOL/Linguistics Carol Moder


Scholarship Selection Committee

Position Representative
Department Head Jeff Menne
Graduate Coordinator Stephanie Link
Undergraduate Advisor Clarissa Bonner
Two faculty appointed by the Department Head


CARE Committee

 Area  Representative

Chair and Member

Lynn Lewis


Cailey Hall 


Lisa Hollenbach


Eric Howerton 


Daniel Morse 

Grad Student Representative

Amy Takebe 


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