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Creative Writers Association (CWA)

The Creative Writers Association is a student organization that exists to promote community and support among the creative writing students—both undergraduate and graduate—within the English Department.  


Officers for the 2021-2022 School Year

President: Jerilynn Saylor-Aquino
Vice-President: Abby Feden
Secretary: Lauren Osborn
Treasurer: AP Poythress
GPSGA Representative/Liaison: Amanda Gaines
GPSGA Representative/Liaison: 
Sophie Ezzell



CWA Events

Distinguished Readers

CWA brings distinguished readers to campus for readings, craft talks, and visit to workshops. Recent readers include Tiana Clark, Angela Morales, Rebecca Makkai, Ira Sukrungruang, Allison Hedge Coke. Click here for a list of readers who have come to campus. 


Writings on the Wall

Throughout the semester, CWA hosts a reading at 7:30pm at StillChill, previously called The Stonewall Tavern. Four graduate student readers perform their own work. Look out for emails and posts on social media for the next Writings on the Wall.


The Writer's Room

This is an opporunity to get with others writers in the program to make edits, find places to submit your work, and send work to publications. Look out for emails and posts on social media for the next Writer's Room. 



CWA hosts other events periodally, which will be sent to your email and posted to social media. 

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