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Turn your passion into a career

We’re dedicated to excellence in the education of all forms of art creation, art history and design. We have excellent facilities for painting, drawing, printmaking, ceramics, sculpture, jewelry and small metals, digital photo and video, graphic design, motion design, UI/UX, typography and art history. Through travel abroad, internships and hands-on experience with the OSU Museum of Art and Prairie Arts Center, we provide esthetic and professional preparation for the art world.

Student Information

Undergraduate Students

We offer bachelor’s degrees in Art History, Studio Art and Graphic Design.

Graduate Students

We offer an MFA in Graphic Design and an MA in Art History.


We have numerous scholarships and internship possibilities


Studio BFA

This professional degree prepares students for graduate school or the competitive art market. Create your body of studio work in the widest array of disciplines.

Studio BA

Broad-based studio education across the many art disciplines.

Graphic Design BFA

Students work on projects in lettering, typography, layout and design. Cutting edge technologies of digital and traditional media facilitate award winning works in Motion Graphics, Print and Interaction Design.

Art History BA

A rich and balanced liberal arts degree, Art History prepares individuals for a variety of fields including museums, galleries, arts organizations, education and publishing.

Graphic Design MFA  

MFA students work in media including print, motion and interaction design. Providing traditional as well as cutting edge facilities, the curriculum includes a series of rigorous yet flexible industry-oriented courses.

Art History MA 

OSU’s Art History MA provides a unique focus on globalism and intercultural connections. Graduates have gone on to work in the arts, teaching or pursue PhDs.

Graduate Certificate in Museum and Curatorial Studies

The joint program with the History Department, The Graduate Certificate in Museum Studies provides students with hands-on exhibition experiences through coursework and internships. 

Art Minors

The art minor degrees will enhance other major degrees.



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