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Department of Computer Science

Computer Science


The Computer Science facilities' computing and presenting capacity is embodied in a server room, iMac-based Mobile Apps Laboratory, seminar room, conference room,  Collaboration Learning Lab, and server-supported department lounge. Collectively, these areas provide across-the-board support for the activities of students and faculty. Coupling the capacity with the research, the department is an actively growing department advancing Computer Science.


Server Room MSCS217

The Server Room provides for the instructional needs of the undergraduate and graduate students. The CS servers can be accessed from most anywhere using the CSX logon and password. Upon log in, a private account for the user with many capabilities becomes available from writing and compiling code to assignment submittal. Class assignments may be worked in conjunction with uploading work from other computers, e.g., personal laptops. Desktop machines and printers are located within the department.


Lightboard Studio MSCS235

Provides a “Glass Lightboard Technology” which can be used to create written or visual demonstrations for instructional videos. LED lighting on specialized glass creates a transparent whiteboard and it illuminates writing. With a lightboard studio, you can communicate in real-time by live streaming to have a dialogue with a distant audience. It is a one-button studio that allows users to record their presentations in a user-friendly way. You can easily overlay digital images or videos in real-time to enhance the presentations. It is a useful tool for lectures, lessons, live conferencing and online instruction.


iMac Mobile App Laboratory MSCS222 

Provides access to mobile computing and the Apple world of OSx. Students may use the laboratory to access the department server, the internet, Microsoft Office, and other applications. Use with the department servers, the student and researcher have the use of many tools to further their work.


Seminar Room MSCS203W 

Provides capability to demonstrate research and class work in a setting able to televise via ZOOM. The smartboard provides an interactive opportunity for the presenter to electronically write over their presentation or simply write in a white space to be televised elsewhere. A presenter can bring their own laptop or use the host laptop to make their work available to the room and virtually. The Seminar Room has recording capability.


Conference Room MSCS237 

Provides for laptop based viewing of presentation on the room projector. The laptop is Skype capable along with the usual Microsoft Office and other software. When visiting, simply open the laptop lid and the room projector becomes available. When presentation is complete, simply close the lid and all will shut down.


Collaborative Learning Lab MSCS206S 

Provides a relaxed but contemplative atmosphere. Students have access to computers and monitors conducive to group work. Area can be used as a study hall, rest area, and eating place. Dry-erase board helps with small group presentations.

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