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Rittika Shamsuddin

Assistant Professor

Arunkumar Bagavathi

Assistant Professor
Dr. Bagavathi received his B.S. from Anna University in 2014 and his Ph.D from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte in 2019. For his thesis, he developed models to extract actionable patterns to support human decisions. He developed these models with distributed computing frameworks like Apache Hadoop and Spark to support big data. His focus is mainly on social networks. He worked on modeling hate speech evolution and their diffusion dynamics in social media. He also worked on building a framework to extract features from Multiplex or Multiview networks. His favorite part of his research is to generating innovative ideas to analyze and extract knowledge from massive datasets.

Blayne Mayfield

Professor Emeritus
Dr. Mayfield received his PhD in Computer Science from the Missouri University of Science & Technology in Rolla, MO. in 1998.  His primary research is in the area of digital entertainment. This includes work in AI, video game technologies, and extended realities (virtual, augmented, and mixed realities). His secondary research is in the area of mobile computing. 
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