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Liz Tabish headshot

Liz Tabish

Career: Actress and Filmmaker

 Major: English- Screen Studies 

Elizabeth Tabish is a Texas-based actress and filmmaker known for her portrayal as Mary Magdalene in The Chosen. She received her Master's of Arts in Theater and Bachelor of Arts in Screen Studies from Oklahoma State University. ​She is the co-creator of Maenad Productions, a female-run company producing award-winning short films, and is the Art Director/Co-owner of the Austin Arthouse Film Festival. 


"I was lucky to experience a lot of freedom and support in my education in OSU’s Arts and Sciences program. My interests were diverse and didn’t always fit into a specific program. But my professors and advisors were so supportive in allowing me to explore multidisciplinary projects specific to my goals as an artist. My mentors held such a genuine passion and deep joy for the various crafts and subjects they taught—performance, film studies, directing—that they fostered a sense of excitement, ownership, and purpose in me as a student of these disciplines. Although artists must find their own path/method/style alone, it is important to know why we do this, why we create art, why we live as artists. Ultimately that is what my time at OSU gave me; an invaluable education of the varied and complex lineage of artists, a history of movements, a breadth of theoretical lenses through which to view the world. These are the tools that help us navigate the unmarked paths letting us know that although no one has gone this specific way, they have at least felt this specific feeling. And for the artist, sometimes that means everything."

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