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Psychology Degrees

Understanding Human Behavior
Students pursing a major in psychology at OSU have several options to choose from and additionally, we are home to several minors. Students in psychology are able to enhance and apply classroom experience and are strongly encouraged to participate in academic opportunities such as becoming a teaching and/or research assistant for a faculty member, participating in colloquia.

Our Majors

Psychology: Business Essentials Option, B.A.

The Business Essentials degree option allows students to incorporate coursework that will help prepare them for a career in business. This degree is designed to fit with the CAS2MBA program, OSU's 4+1 accelerated MBA.

Business Essentials Option, B.A.

Psychology: Pre-Law Option, B.A.

Students interested in pursuing law school are encouraged to consider the Pre-Law degree option, which allows for coursework that helps students prepare for a career in law (I.e., Environmental Law and Policy, Agricultural Law, Courts and Judicial Process, etc.).

Pre-Law Option, B.A.

Psychology: Pre-Med Option, B.S.

Students seeking professional degrees can further specialize their degree with an option in Pre-Med.

Pre-Med Option, B.S. Prospective Students Slick Sheet

Psychology: Pre-Occupational Therapy Option, B.S.

Pre-Occupational Therapy Option, B.S.

Psychology: Pre-Physical Therapy Option, B.S.

Pre-Physical Therapy Option, B.S.

Our MinorsConsider talking to your advisor about adding a minor today!

Cognitive Science

Cognitive Science is the study of the mind and intelligence. The field has grown in importance over the last decade, as techniques for investigating human cognition via brain imaging have become widely used and as advances in computer science, information sciences, artificial intelligence and robotics have been made. This minor may be of interest to those interested in psychology, philosophy, English, computer science and management sciences and information systems.

Cognitive Science Minor

Communication Studies

A minor in Communication Studies will enable students to show competence in oral and written communication, including public speaking, interpersonal relationships, small group discussions, intercultural communication, professional correspondence, technical writing, professional writing, grammar, creative writing and mass communication.

Communication Studies Minor


A minor in Neuroscience will help you understand the relationship between the brain and behavior. This minor can complement a variety of majors including Biology, Chemistry, Psychology, Biochemistry, Physics, and many more. It is an especially strong choice for students whose career goals have connections to healthcare, including all aspects of physical and mental healthcare.

Neuroscience Minor


A minor in Psychology can complement a variety of majors, as understanding human behavior is essential to many career paths. Whether you will have patients, clients, customers, or just need a better understanding of your co-workers, a minor in psychology will help you understand the behaviors, attitudes, beliefs, and motivations of those around you.

Psychology Minor

Speech Communication

One of the top requests of employers across the board is strong communication skills! A Speech Communication minor is a complement to practically any degree and serves as a tremendous benefit to help you stand out to employers. This minor will provide you with a foundation of communication knowledge, skills and experiences to help you excel in your future work and social environments. In Oklahoma State communication courses, you will develop communication and intercultural competence, leadership, critical thinking, improved interpersonal skills and much more!

Speech Communication Minor

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Opportunities and Information

Library Resources for Psychology Majors

This guide will help you find resources for research topics in psychology.

Psychology House

Psychology House is sponsored by the Department of Psychology and is one of the College of Arts and Sciences Residential Living Learning Programs.


The Department of Psychology awards the scholarships to exceptional undergraduate students majoring in psychology.

Undergraduate Student Handbook

The handbook will acquaint students with the Department of Psychology at Oklahoma State University and to act as a guide to general and specific information about the department.

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