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Graduate Studies

Our students pursue graduate degrees through the Plant Biology M.S. or Plant Biology Ph.D. programs. These programs are tailored to meet students' individual interests and needs, whether career goals be teaching, research or outreach in industry, government agencies or non-governmental organizations. Areas of study include plant physiology, cell biology, molecular genetics, molecular systematics, evolutionary ecology, population ecology, physiological ecology, community ecology, evolutionary development and genomics.

Graduate Programs

inside of plant at the cellular level

Plant Biology, M.S.

Plant Biology, M.S.
Male student looking through magnifying glass

Plant Biology, Ph.D.

Plant Biology, Ph.D.

Meet Current Graduate Students

Graduate Student Resources

Funding Sources

List of research funding opportunities

Graduate Program Academic Guidelines

Guidelines for academic success

Graduate Teaching or Research Assistantships

GTA positions are granted for the fall and spring semesters (nine months total). GRA positions are generally provided by a grant awarded to the major advisor.

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