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Undergraduate Studies

in Physics
The Oklahoma State University Department of Physics offers several distinct and flexible degree options which lead to a Bachelor of Science degree in Physics. Depending on your career interests, one of these core degree choices, combined with the appropriate electives, can prepare you for a productive technical career in science, engineering or other technically related areas.



Physics, B.S.

The Traditional Bachelor of Science (B.S.) Degree in Physics is designed especially for those who envision a research career as a scientist or engineer. Courses taken under the traditional plan of study are rigorous enough to prepare the student for entry into advanced studies (M.S., Ph.D.) in physics, or, often (with the appropriate electives), in physics-related areas such as: applied physics, optics, photonics, electrical-engineering, materials science, etc.

Physics Finish in Four Plan

Applied Physics, B.S.

The Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Physics, Applied Option (also known as Applied Physics), is designed especially for those who seek a technical career in science or engineering with a B.S. degree only, but at the same time, desire an education of sufficient rigor to leave open the possibility of studies toward an advanced (M.S. or Ph.D.) degree in physics, applied physics, or related interdisciplinary field. This might be the ideal option for students who like physics -- both the principles involved and their applications to the real world.

Applied Physics Option Finish in Four Plan

Physics, Secondary Teacher Certification

We integrate classroom curriculum with field experiences in physics that help you facilitate positive educational outcomes for your students. Upon degree completion, graduates are recommended to the Oklahoma State Department of Education for full teacher certification and are prepared to take certification exams in other states, if applicable.

Physics, Secondary Teacher Certification Option Finish in Four Plan

Physics–Engineering Double Major

The double major option may be done as a 5-yr degree program leading to a double major in one of the major engineering subjects and applied physics. The total hours depend upon the engineering discipline chosen. The choice available gives students excellent flexibility, and a wide range of career options. Examples include: Physics and Mechanical Engineering, Physics and Electrical Engineering, Physics and Civil Engineering.

Double Major Information


Physics Minor

Physics Minor

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