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Our Research

Our department is a dynamic hub of intellectual curiosity, fostering an environment where students and faculty alike delve into the mysteries of the universe. Through collaborative efforts both within our department and across interdisciplinary boundaries, we tackle some of the most pressing questions facing modern science. Join us as we embark on a journey of pushing the boundaries of human knowledge in physics through rigorous inquiry and experimentation.

Mendenhall Observatory

Oklahoma State University's observatory, located under the pristine dark skies southwest of Stillwater, Oklahoma, boasts the largest and most advanced telescope within a 300-mile radius. Primarily designed for astrometry, photometry, and multicolor imaging, the 24-inch telescope facilitates the study of various celestial objects, including near-Earth asteroids, transiting exoplanets, and quasars.

Faculty and Staff

Meet the people of the Department of Physics, whose mission is to advance the knowledge and understanding of Physics and the physical world through nationally and internationally prominent programs of graduate and undergraduate education, research and service.
Eric Benton and NASA Research Team

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