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Hall of Fame

The College of Arts and Sciences Hall of Fame was initiated in 2015 to honor graduates who have achieved exceptional success in their professional careers, displayed effective leadership, made exemplary contributions to their community, and shown great loyalty to Oklahoma State University. Induction into the CAS Hall of Fame is the highest honor the College bestows upon alumni. 


Philip Erdoes B.S. Biology/Biomedicine '85


Ardoth A. Hassler B.S. Mathematics '72
George Thompson, M.D. B.S. Physiology '66



Frank Wicks, Ph.D. B.S. Microbiology '75, Ph.D. Biochemistry '78
Linda Young, Ph.D. Ph.D. Statistics '81



Tom Daxon B.A. Economics '70, M.S. Geography '78
Anita Hill B.S. Psychology '77
Gaute Vik, Ph.D. Ph.D. Statistics '84



Bob Blackburn, Ph.D. M.A. History '76, Ph.D. '79
Sarah Coburn B.S. Music Education '99
Randy Couture B.A. Foreign Language (German) '92
Gregory Quarles, Ph.D. B.S. Mathematics and Physics '83, M.S. Physics '85, Ph.D. Physics '87



Ziva Branstetter B.S. Journalism '88
Edwin Chappabitty B.S. Zoology '67
Bradford Gray M.S. Sociology '66
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