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Transform the Entertainment Industry

You Belong in OSU Theatre and Dance
Our mission is to help you become an inventive, collaborative theatre maker. This is what sets us apart from other programs. Our faculty have their feet firmly planted in two worlds. We pride ourselves on using innovative instruction methods, but we challenge each other to remain working artists in the field. That means you will have access to twice as many opportunities.

2021-2022 Season Productions

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Student Information

Undergraduate Students

 Learn from faculty who also work professionally.


 Look at opportunities for online classes, including during summer semester.

Scholarships and Financial Aid

 Departmental scholarships are available to incoming and transfer Theatre students and to registered full-time Theatre majors.


Arts Administration

Administration provides our undergraduates with instruction in those subjects needed to successfully run a robust arts production organization.


This degree is designed to prepare students for careers in both theatre and the general entertainment industry—professional arenas that require students to have a working knowledge of every aspect of the industry in order to succeed.


The Dance minor offers fundamental grounding in the theory and history of dance as well as various dance techniques. This program is designed to serve students with a background in dance and a desire to continue, as well as those wishing to expand their creative vocabulary.


Research and Facilities
Production opportunities in multiple spaces give you a variety of performance, directing, and design experiences. Experiment with techniques and artistic endeavors that will transform you as an artist. Take advantage of opportunities to apply what you learn by working with faculty and theatre professionals.




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