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Philosophy: The love of wisdom

Philosophy explores fundamental questions about the world and our place within it. These questions are thousands of years old, and have engaged some of the greatest minds humanity has produced. The Department of Philosophy offers students the skills to critically engage with life's fundamental questions. As a Philosophy major/minor, you will enjoy small, discussion oriented classes and have the opportunity to engage with other philosophers through the Ethics Bowl and Friends of the Forms.


Our Programs

Undergraduate Studies

Our program offers a B.A. in Philosophy with further focuses on Law, Ministry and Business Ethics.

Graduate Studies

An M.A. is available to both prepare for Ph.D. programs and enter the professional workforce.

Ethics Center

The Ethics Center at Oklahoma State University is committed to promoting moral reflection and deliberation in personal, professional, community and civic life.

About Us

Facilities, Faculty, Staff and Featured Scholar
Photo of Philosopy Department faculty



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