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Math as a Second Major

You can elect math as a second major or as a second degree, with some differences between the two.  In either case, it may add extra strength to your other major, just by virtue of the course content, and it may also make your resume stand out above others when you compete for a job.

Two options

  • Second Major:  To take math as a second major, in addition to completing the degree plan for your primary major, you must complete the section on a math degree plan marked "Major Requirements.''
  • Second Bachelor's degree:  To earn a second bachelor's in math, you must complete both the entire degree plan for your primary major and the entire math degree plan.  If you earn a second bachelor's degree, it will be necessary to have a graduation check for each major and make two diploma applications.


The requirements for a second major in mathematics include 46 hours of mathematics and mathematics related courses. You must have an overall grade point of 2.00 or above with a minimum grade of C in each course counting toward the second major in mathematics.  Requirements include:

  •  Nineteen (19) hours of basic math:  MATH 2144, 2153, 2163, 2233, 3013, and 3613.
  •  Twenty seven (27) additional hours which satisfy the mathematics requirements for either the BS or BA degree.
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