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Pre-Nursing Certificate

CAS can help you on a path to a career in nursing. Our two-year curriculum exposes you to fundamental courses that give you the necessary tools for success. While OSU does not offer a complete nursing degree, we strive to provide you with the highest quality of knowledge and groundwork to best prepare you for nursing school. While working on your pre-nursing certificate, you will take general education, science, arts, and humanities courses that are required for admission to a nursing school.


There are multiple pathways to a career in nursing. One of those paths is to complete two years of prerequisite science and general education courses at a college or university, and then apply to a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) program. The certificate in Pre-Nursing includes the prerequisite courses for the BSN programs in Oklahoma. (Students should check the prerequisite requirements for BSN programs in other states to determine if additional courses are needed to supplement the Certificate).


Career Options

Nursing is one of the fastest growing careers and nurses have one of the most important jobs in healthcare. A successful completion of a nursing degree prepares you for work in a variety of care settings including:

Advising and Success Services

The pre-professional academic support services is designed to help students who want to pursue a professional education in health related fields. In addition to your academic advisor, your pre-professional advisor can help you with exploration of potential programs, evaluation of professional path, academic preparation, extra- curricular preparation, and application preparation and submission. Click here for more information. 

Compatible Degrees

If you do not enter a BSN program directly after completion of the Pre-Nursing Certificate, you may wish to complete a bachelor's degree at OSU. These degrees fit nicely with the Pre-Nursing courses, although other OSU majors may work for you. 

  • Biology: Allied Health, BS
  • Communication Sciences and Disorders, BS
  • Economics, BS
  • Microbiology/Cell & Molecular Biology, BS
  • Multidisciplinary Studies, BS
  • Political Science, BS
  • Psychology, BS
  • Sociology, BS
  • Sociology: Applied Sociology, BS


Already a registered nurse? If you have already earned your ADN/ASN and RN and would like to complete your BSN, the OSU RN-BSN program is specifically designed to enrich your professional nursing career. Click here for more information. 

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