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The Oklahoma State University Department of Theatre immerses students in theatre, dance, and arts administration through high-quality teaching, research, and outreach. Through enriching experiences, we ignite students' passion for the performing arts and empower them to become versatile artists, leaders, and visionaries. 
Our vision is a future where graduates of the OSU Theatre Department emerge as consummate artists with a deep understanding of theatrical craft, a strong commitment to excellence, and a passion for inclusivity. Equipped with practical experience, they navigate the professional landscape, contributing their unique voices to the ever-evolving world of theatre. By embodying values such as collaboration, innovation, and dedication to lifelong learning, they become ambassadors for the transformative power of the performing arts, setting the standard for engaged citizenship and personal responsibility. 

Program Information

Undergraduate Students

 We offer bachelor’s degrees in theatre, acting, musical theatre, art administration and a minor in dance.

Scholarships and Financial Aid

 Departmental scholarships are available to incoming and transfer theatre students and to registered full-time theatre majors.


See details about the 2023-24 season productions and how to audition for the shows.


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Theatre Notifications

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Our faculty and staff, who are engaged, professional and proactive, mentor our students at every step, guiding them towards fulfilling our mission and vision. Sustainability and long-term growth are emphasized, building a department that thrives beyond individual contributions, and ultimately, our students graduate not just as artists, but as change-makers impacting our campus, community and the industry. We take pride in offering a coursework that embodies our values, enriching the lives of our students and creating a profound impact.
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