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Let Geology Rock Your World!

Our undergraduate curriculum prepares students for careers in industry, at federal and state agencies, or further study in graduate school. We offer bachelor’s degrees in Geology, Geophysics and Environmental Geoscience. Faculty offer numerous opportunities for meaningful research experiences, which include international research projects in several countries around the world. Students are encouraged to participate in study abroad programs.
8 male and 7 females students along with one male teacher posing in a group on a rock and mineral field trip.

Explore our Majors

Compare our different degree programs to find your best fit.  

B.S. Geology

Geology is a discipline centered on teaching how to interpret the history of the Earth. Learn to discover, recognize and use natural resources to improve the quality of human life.

B.S. Environmental Geoscience

Environmental Geosciences is the study of human interactions with the natural environment, and alternatively, how the natural environment impacts our presence on earth.

B.S. Geophysics

Geophysics is a discovery science of the earth and other planets using state-of-the-art technology that integrates geology, mathematics, physics and computer modeling. 

Scholarship Opportunities

We understand that taking the next step to a career or internship can sometimes feel overwhelming, and strive to provide our students with significant scholarship support to allow students to focus on their studies, not how to pay for it. The Boone Pickens School of Geology helps our students — undergraduates and graduates alike — get the best opportunities in finding a career or internship that will help them succeed in life.

Student Organizations

Get involved!
There are so many different student organizations, This is a way to get involved and get to know your peers, while having fun. Joining a student organization opens up a lot of windows to get to know more people, it may even help you to get internships and get you noticed by companies.

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Dr. Brandon Spencer

Director of Undergraduate Studies

NRC 302


Brooke Equinox

Senior Academic Advisor

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