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Cowboy Teacher Cybersecurity Academy
The Department of Computer Science at Oklahoma State University is hosting GenCyber Cowboy Teacher Cybersecurity Academy on Stillwater campus during June 24 - June 28, 2024, along with Pre-Academy Activity (March 9, 2024) and Post-Academy Activity (September 14, 2024). The academy provides summer camp experience for Oklahoma middle and high school science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) teachers. In addition, various pre/post-academy activities are designed to help teachers prepare for program activities and incorporate cybersecurity knowledge and pedagogical strategies in their practice, respectively. The curriculum and instructional strategies revolve around GenCyber cybersecurity concepts, ethics, cybersecurity careers, and simplicity in cybersecurity that will enhance teachers’ cybersecurity knowledge and capacity as well as provide them with teamwork experience on various hands-on activities. The curriculum is also designed based upon the ‘‘Oklahoma K-12 Academic Standard for Computer Science’’ to remove barriers that keep teachers from translating their experiences and knowledge into classroom instruction.
Prior knowledge/experience of computer science and cybersecurity is NOT an application/recruitment requirement for the academy. The academy application is now open and will close at 11:59 pm, March 1, 2024 or until all seats are filled, whichever comes first. Elementary teachers are also welcome to apply and will be considered if the academy does not fill up with middle/high school teachers.
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