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You can be a CAS researcher!The opportunities are limitless!

CAS offers numerous ways for you to engage in research projects and creative scholarly activities. Research and creative scholarship allow you to make important contributions to your disciplines, build confidence, and cultivate community. Getting started begins with you! What are your interests? What sparks your curiosity? Do you have a passion for people, numbers, art, organizations, technology, history, or the natural world? Think about what you’re interested in exploring, and why. 


Research Guidance

Find a Faculty Mentor

A faculty mentor can help you find your research path or oversee your research or creative scholarship experience.

Academic Advising

Your Freshman Advisor or Departmental Advisor can help you narrow your focus and guide selection of research-based courses.

Research Advising

Make a CAS Research Advising appointment in STAR to discuss your research and creative scholarship goals and potential opportunities. 

Research Programs

CAS undergraduates participating in research or creative scholarship are eligible for special training programs, scholarships, and opportunities to showcase their work. The links below are just some of the programs available to support our researchers and scholars. 

Zoe Siebert

Sample featured student photo

How did you start researching?

  • Plant Biology, Ecology, and Evolution with a Pre-Pharmacy Concentration
  • Class of 2022 from Edmond, OK
  • My curiosity as a high school student led me to the Freshman Research Scholars program. I thought it would be a great way to connect with students and faculty. This program led me to meet my mentor, Dr. Heejin Yoo.

Research Impacts & Accomplishments

  • I study amino acid biosynthetic genes in plant effector-triggered immunity in Arabidopsis.
  • This is important because discovering the contribution of amino acids during plant immunity will provide beneficial information for crop yield and management in agriculture. 

Looking Forward

  • Named the Spring 2021 Plant Biology, Ecology, and Evolution Outstanding Senior
  • Awarded a 2021 Women's Faculty Council Student Research Award
  • I plan to attend pharmacy school to obtain my Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) degree!

Share your accomplishments!

Tell us about your awesome work.
We want to hear about your success in research and creative scholarship. Did you complete a project, receive an award or grant, hold an exhibition, give a presentation, or publish your work? CAS features student research and scholarly achievements through our web and media venues. Tell us about it! 
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Students attend workshop

Workshops & Training

Boost your skills! 

CAS offers on-going workshops to help students get started in research or build the skills to reach their goals! Workshops and trainings are open to all CAS undergraduates interested in research or creative activity.

Research and Creative Scholarship Opportunities

CAS offers a variety of opportunities for undergraduate research and creative activity. Click the links below to learn about ways to explore options across our many departments. We are always looking for new ways to help our students grow as scholars. 

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