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Italy and Venice

Courses: POLS 1113 or 3143 ("I" credit for 3143)

3 Credit Hours

CRN numbers: 43444 or 43445

Instructors: Chad Hankinson and Farida Jalalzai

Tuition & Fees: $700*
Tour Costs:
*Includes $100 deposit billed at time of enrollment.
**Airfare is included.

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American Government or Politics of Western Europe

Travel Dates: May 19 - 30, 2019 (Summer)
Course Dates: April 29 - July 5, 2019 


The Grand Tour of Italy is exactly that. Grand. From Venice’s endless canals to each Roman piazza, Italy has no shortage of awe-inspiring sights. You’ll see Doge’s Palace pale façade change color at sunset, stroll over the Bridge of Sighs and explore the ruins of the ancient Roman Forum on this show stopping tour of Italian culture.

Cost Details

The costs include tuition and fees, travel insurance, flight, tour, lodging, some meals, excursions, and transportation. The costs do not include additional meals, passport or additional airline fees, and any miscellaneous costs a student might wish to incur.

You will also need to sign up for the tour directly, as well as enrolling with OSU. You can view the tour log in, cost, and itinerary here: February 14 is the final date to be able to sign up, and the course could become more expensive as the year goes on, if you haven't signed up yet.  

  • Tuition and Fees: $700
    Includes $100 deposit billed at the time of enrollment.
  • EFTour Costs: $4,004
    Tour fee can increase after as the year goes on unless price is locked in.

Enrollment Instructions

All applicants must have an appointment to travel on Study Abroad courses. You can begin your course application but you will not be able to proceed without an appointment. Contact Shane O'Mealey in the Arts and Sciences Outreach office to set up an appointment and be accepted into the program.

Shane O'Mealey