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D-Day 2019

Courses: HIST 3333 (H, I)

3 Credit Hours

CRN number: 43441

Instructor: John Kinder

Course Costs: $4,940
Non-Refundable Fee: $100*
Tuition & Fees: $600
Tour Costs: $4,240**
  *billed at time of application.
**Airfare is included.
  **Tour costs are subject to change.

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History of the Second World War

Travel Dates: June 1 - 10, 2019 (Summer)
Course Dates: May 15 - Aug. 2, 2019 
* Tour enrollment is full. All students would currently be put on a waiting list.


Follow in the footsteps of Allied soldiers during World War II as you travel from London to Paris via the Normandy region. Commemorate the 75th anniversary of D-Day with ceremonies and special programming, and gain context of this important invasion at Bletchley Park. During this program, you’ll visit World War II sites that will help put this major conflict into perspective.

Cost Details

The costs include tuition and fees, travel insurance, lodging, flight, all excursions and transportation, and some meals . The costs do not include passport, a few meals, or additional airline fees, and any miscellaneous costs a student might wish to incur.

You will also need to sign up for the tour directly, as well as enrolling with OSU. You can view the tour log in, cost, and itinerary here: The tour will become more expensive the later in the year that you sign up, so early sign up is best.

Enrollment Instructions

All applicants must have an appointment to travel on Study Abroad courses. You can begin your course application but you will not be able to proceed without an appointment. Contact Shane O'Mealey in the Arts and Sciences Outreach office to set up an appointment and be accepted into the program.

Shane O'Mealey