Pre Med Pre Health

Pre-Med / Pre-Health

OSU and the College of Arts and Sciences offer excellent preparation for health professions, such as medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, physical therapy, physician’s assistant, nursing, occupational therapy, and optometry. There is no best, right, or required major to prepare for entry to these professional schools. We encourage you to select a major that is appealing to you. The following CAS majors have pre-med or pre-health options that are designed to include all of the prerequisite math and science courses you need. OSU also offers pre-health advising, in addition to academic advising for your major, to help you become the best applicant you can be to the health profession schools of your choice.

We also offer early admission opportunities to doctoral-level health programs. Visit to learn more about our 3+1 options, Early Admission agreement with the OSU College of Medicine and to explore the prerequisite courses required for each professional school.