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High Energy Physics (HEP)

Welcome to the website of the High Energy Physics Group at Oklahoma State University!


The aim of our research is to explain and explore Nature at her most basic level. Our current knowledge of elementary particles and their interactions (excluding gravity) is the Standard Model of particle physics. Originally developed in the 1970s, the Standard Model is one of the most extensively tested theories in physics. However, despite its success, the Standard Model cannot be the complete theory of the Universe. It does not include gravity, has no explanation for dark matter content of the Universe, and has no mechanism to generate neutrino masses. In addition, it fails to provide insight into questions like why there are three generations of fermions, why the neutrinos are so light, why the top quark is so heavy, etc. Our goal is to address these shortcomings by developing and testing well motivated extensions to the Standard Model.

Recent Seminars

  • Sean Curry (OSU), Geometry of conformal submanifolds, 11.30.2023
  • Omar Medina (University of Valencia; UC, Irvine), Quark-Lepton Mass Relations from Modular Flavor Symmetry, 11.16.2023
  • Mikael Chala (University of Granada), The landscape of effective field theories, 11.02.2023
  • Srubabati Goswami (Physical Research Laboratory, India & Northwestern University), From an impossible dream to the unreachable stars: the journey of the neutrino, 10.19.2023  (colloquium)
    Srubabati Goswami (Physical Research Laboratory, India & Northwestern University), The Fable of the Unstable Neutrinos, 10.16.2023
  • Konstantin Matchev (University of Florida), Is the machine smarter than the theorist? A phenomenologist's perspective, 10.13.2023
  • Konstantin Matchev (University of Florida), Machine learning symmetries in physics from first principles, 10.12.2023 (colloquium)
  • Rahool Kumar Barman (OSU), Returning CP-observables to the frames they belong, 10.05.2023
  • Akanksha Bhardwaj (OSU), Graph Neural Network: Its Applications to Constrain BSM Models and EFTs, 09.21.2023
  • Shiyuan Xu (OSU), New Physics From Multi-Higgs Doublet Model, 07.19.2023
  • Zurab Tavartkiladze (Ilia State U), Anomaly Free U(1)’s for Fermion Masses and Leptogenesis, 07.18.2023

Past Seminars

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