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Course Cost: $400
Due by January 2, 2018

Instructor: Nataša-Kaurin-Karača

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Alfred's Basic Adult Piano Course, Level 1

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Introduction to Piano

Dates: January 17, 2018 to May 2, 2018

Times: Tuesdays & Thursdays 5:30pm to 6:20pm

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Introduction to Piano is designed to be a fun, group-oriented introduction to playing the piano. Intended for adult beginners, the course is open to anyone aged 14 and up.

The course covers a wide range of classical, folk and jazz repertoire. Students will learn the basics of music notation, rhythm, harmonization and piano technique.

Individual and group projects will be tailored to the level of each student. Class will culminate with a final performance at the end of the semester.

Non-credit and open to the general public.

Course Information and Prerequisites


An interest in learning to play piano.

Recommended Equipment

Students should have access to a piano or keyboard for daily practice.

Mode and Style of Teaching

Class develops visual understanding and kinetic keyboard manipulation through studying and performing diverse piano repertory, sight-reading, chord progressions and harmonization. It is an opportunity for students to learn at their own pace, and to enjoy making music as a group.

Exams and Assignments

This is a noncredit course, so no quizzes or tests will be administered. Grades will not be assigned. The final performance will be open to the public.

Weekly Schedule

Week 1 - (Jan 17) Introduction to playing position, clefs, and rhythm

Week 2 - (Jan 22-24) The grand staff and time signatures

Week 3 - (Jan 29-31) 5-finger patterns; melodic and harmonic intervals

Week 4 - (Feb 5-7) Major scales; simple and compound meter

Week 5 - (Feb 12-14) Introduction to C and G major chords; harmonizing melodies

Week 6 - (Feb 19-21) F-major chord; G7 chord; cadences, improvisation

Week 7 - (Feb 26-28) Expanding the 5-finger position; flats and sharps

Week 8 - (Mar 5-7) Introducing damper pedal

Week 9 - (Mar 12-14) Chords and Blues progression

Week 10 - (Mar 19-21) Minor scales; syncopated rhythm

Week 11 - (Mar 26-28) Arpeggiated chords and styles of accompaniment

Week 12 - (Apr 2-4) Composition project

Week 13 - (Apr 9-11) Triads and seventh chords; lead sheet symbols

Week 14 - (Apr 16-18) Review

Week 15 - (Apr 23-25) Preparation for the final performance

Week 16 - (Apr 30 - May 2) Final performance

About the Instructor


Ms. Nataša Kaurin-Karača is a Clinical Assistant Professor of Aural Skills, Class Piano, Music Fundamentals, and Music Appreciation. She has been playing piano since a very early age, and teaching Class Piano at Oklahoma State University since 2006. Her research interests include aural skills acquisition, pedagogy, and perception of timbre. In addition to teaching, Nataša has been a music director of Stillwater Chamber Singers since 2010. As a promoter of new music at Oklahoma State University, she has served as a music director of the “Frontiers” new music ensemble.

Nataša received her B.M. in Music Theory and Education from the University of Novi Sad, Serbia, and her M.M. from The Ohio State University under the tutelage of Dr. Hilary Apfelstadt.

Drop or refund policy

In the event you cannot attend the course, a 100% refund is available through 8 a.m. on the Monday of the week prior to the class start date. A 50% refund is available through Friday at 5 p.m. No refund is available on the first day of classes. Email or call for more information on dropping and adding non-credit classes offered through OSU Arts and Sciences Outreach.

If you have disabilities and need accommodation, please contact Student Disability Services at 405-744-7116.

Program Coordinator

Christine Nichols