General Education Courses

Course List

The College of Arts and Sciences offers a wide selection of online general education courses. Not all courses are available every semester. Please check with your advisor for the current schedule.

AMST 2103 Introduction to American Studies (DH)
ANTH 2353 Introduction to Biological Anthropology (N)
ANTH 2883 Introduction to Archaeology (S)
ANTH 3353 Cultural Anthropology (IS)
ANTH 4123 Archaeology of North America (S)
ANTH 4443 Prehistory of Oklahoma (S)
BOT 3273 Plants and Human Health (N)
CHEM 1014 Chemistry in Civilization (LN)
ENGL 2413 Introduction to Literature (DH)
ENGL 2513 Introduction to Creative Writing (H)
ENGL 2883 Survey of American Literature II (DH)
FLL 2503 French Culinary Staples (I)
GEOG 1113 Introduction to Cultural Geography (IS)
GEOG 3033 Meteorology (N)
GEOL 1014 Geology and Human Affairs (LN)
GEOL 1224 Evolution of the Earth (LN)
GEOL 3043 Geology of the National Parks (N)
GEOL 3513 Earthquakes, Volcanoes and Disasters (N)
GEOL 4503 Introduction to Oceanography (N)
GWST 2123 Introduction to Gender Studies (DH)
HIST 1613 Western Civilization to 1500 (H)
HIST 1623 Western Civilization after 1500 (H)
HIST 1713 Survey of Eastern Civilization (H)
HIST 2333 American Thought and Culture: Survey (H)
HIST 3333 History of the Second World War (HI)
HIST 3663 Robber Barons and Reformers: U.S. History, 1877-1919 (H)
HIST 3683 United States History Since 1945 (DH)
HIST 3763 American Southwest (DH)
HIST 4553 Gender in America (D)
HIST 4563 Cold War (HI)
JAZZ 2773 History of Jazz (H)
MATH 1483 Mathematical Functions and Their Uses (A)
MATH 1513 College Algebra (A)
MATH 1613 Trigonometry (A)
MATH 2103 Business Calculus (A)
MC 1143 Media in a Diverse Society (DS)
MC 3173 History of Mass Communication (H)
MICR 4003 Brewing Microbiology (N)
MUSI 2573 Introduction to Music (H)
MUSI 2763 History of Rock and Roll (H)
MUSI 2783 American Popular Music (H)
MUSI 3573 America's Etnic Music (DH)
MUSI 3583 Traditional World Music(HI)
PHIL 1213 Philosophies of Life (H)
PHIL 1313 Logic and Critical Thinking (A)
PHIL 2043 Philosophy of Film (H)
PHIL 3623 Philosophy of Race (DH)
PHIL 3920 Happiness and Well-Being (H)
POLS 2013 Introduction to World Politics (S)
POLS 2113 Introduction to Comparative Politics (IS)
PSYC 2583 Developmental Psychology (S)
PSYC 3033 Psychology of Humor (S)
PSYC 4483 Psychology of Parent Behavior (S)
REL 1103 Introductions to World Religions (HI)
SOC 1113 Introductory Sociology (S)
SOC 3223 Social Psychology (S)
SOC 3523 Juvenile Delinquency (DS)
SOC 3993 Sociology of Aging (DS)
SOC 4043 Gender and Work (DS)
SOC 4643 Sociology of Gender (S)
SOC 4653 Gender and the Middle East (IS)
SOC 4923 Sociology of Punishment (S)
SPCH 2713 Inroduction to Speech Communication (S)
SPCH 4753 Intercultural Communication (I)
STAT 2013 Elementary Statistics (A)
STAT 2023 Elementary Statistics for Business and Economics (A)
TH 2413 Introduction to Theatre (H)


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