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Oklahoma State University Computer Science Association Holds Programming Competition


STILLWATER, Oklahoma – The Oklahoma State Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) held a programming competition on Oct. 4, with 53 participants all vying for prizes provided by Paycom, who sponsored the event.

The participants were given three hours to solve as many problems as possible. Each problem was assigned a point value and the competitor with the most points at the end of the competition won. Dr. Eric Chan-Tin, Dr. David Cline, Ben Myers and Andrew Bevelhymer came up with the list of questions for participants to answer.

The award winners were:

1.  Brandon Wong – 20 points

2.  Justin Maddox – 19 points

3.  Hunter Soliday – 18 points


The winners each received a prize based on their performance, that of which included a drone, headset and keyboard.

“It would have been impossible for this competition to be a success without the judges,” ACM vice president Andrew Bevelhymer said. “We are also extremely grateful to Paycom for sponsoring this program.”