COVID-19: CAS Resources

Zoom Chair Yoga

Tuesdays, 10:00 a.m.

Hosted by Lonna Freshley, certified yoga instructor, and CAS Coordinator of Prospective Student Services. This weekly chair yoga session aims to provide harmony in the body and mind, and provide a sense of well-being.

Equipment suggested is a stable, armless chair. Participants video presence is optional.

How to join:

Please click here to email Lonna.


Notes from the CAS Town Hall Meeting
May 22 via Zoom

Dean Glen Krutz discussed planning and next steps related to COVID-19, and answered many questions submitted prior to and during the Zoom call.

Message from the Dean

CAS Family,

All of us hope you and your loved ones are, and remain, well. Your health and safety has always been our top priority, and that has become even more important during this pandemic.

We are doing everything we can to help you succeed in this unprecedented situation. That is why we have put together this website compiling resources for students, faculty and staff. We are striving to keep it up to date with the latest announcements and any other tools we think might help you accomplish your goals.

We hope you find it helpful, and we would love to hear anything you think should be added to this site. Please feel free to contact me about that or any other questions or concerns you have as we all navigate this uncertain time together.

Stay safe and well, and Go Pokes!
Dean Glen Krutz

Statement from President Hargis - June 4, 2020

Dear OSU Student,

The First Cowgirl, Ann, and I are excited to welcome you to campus this fall. The campus is just not the same without you. It will be an interesting semester as we continue to adjust to the COVID-19 pandemic. Our overriding commitment is to protect the health and well-being of all members of the OSU community.

I am pleased to report that there will be no increase in tuition and mandatory fees for the 2020-2021 academic year. We are all experiencing unforeseen economic pressure and we want to keep costs level and not add any financial burden.

I am pleased to report OSU has taken the lead in the state of Oklahoma’s fight against this virus. The president of OSU Center for Health Sciences has played a major role in the state’s task force in developing the policies and directions in fighting COVID-19. The OSU Diagnostic Lab has done more test analysis than any other entity in the state.

OSU is following CDC and the state’s guidelines regarding social distancing, testing, face coverings, etc. In fact, Stillwater is one of the safest places in the country.

Prior to the fall semester, we will provide you a full, virtual, orientation on the guidelines and policies for the semester.

We established a public health task force composed of several medical experts to determine the following:

  • Type and scale of testing
  • Resources and technology for contact tracing
  • Alternate housing and other quarantine measures for those infected
  • Early flu shot distribution
  • When available, vaccination distribution protocols, and a system for supporting vulnerable populations on campus.

Anyone with coronavirus symptoms will be tested. If positive, they will be quarantined and provided care and meals until recovered.

We have full-time counselors ready to support you should a student need that service 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Also University Health Services is available to students as always.

Every effort will be made to hold face-to-face classes for students following CDC social distancing guidelines, and we will prioritize this for freshmen. Synchronous (live classes delivered online, e.g. Zoom) alternatives will be available to students who need or prefer that mode.

We are implementing accelerated and deep-cleaning protocols daily and, in some areas, several times a day. If you don’t have masks, we will provide them and there will be ample access to soap, water and hand sanitizers.

In addition, we are planning on a full football season and, with the players that are returning as well as new recruits, it should be an exciting fall.

While the pandemic has kept us apart, the fall semester will bring us together. I know we will all do our part to keep each other safe and healthy. It’s the Cowboy Way. Go Pokes!!

Burns Hargis
President, Oklahoma State University

Prospective Students

Can I still visit campus?

Virtually, yes! While campus is closed, you have the option to participate in a virtual tour of campus, find your admissions counselor and more from the admissions website. If you are interested in learning more about one of the College of Arts and Sciences majors, you can schedule a live virtual presentation and Q&A here.

Once campus re-opens, in-person tours and appointments will resume.

Can I still apply for admission to OSU?

Yes! Our admissions team is working diligently to continue to process and accept applications. Seniors are welcome to apply and Juniors can start applying July 1. The application can be found here.

I’m a high school student, can I start taking concurrent courses at OSU?

Yes! Starting this fall, high-school seniors can take concurrent online courses free! Click here learn more about Cowboy Concurrent online.

I’m registered to attend Junior Day, is it still occuring?

Yes! We are excited to host you for a virtual Junior Day experience on April 18, 2020. To learn more and register for the event, click here.

Current Students

I live in the dorms. Can I come back to campus?

The dorms are open, but we are strongly encouraging students to move out of the dorms before April 3rd. Information regarding how to sign up for a time to move out and what move out procedures look like can be found on the Residential Life website. If students are unable to move out of the dorms before April 3rd, they must contact Residential Life and complete a health screening before coming to campus.

I still have meal plan money left over. What happens to that money?

Your meal plan will remain active until May 10th. Then University Dining Services will roll over 100% of the remaining Spring 2020 meal plan balance to a new meal plan that will remain valid through spring 2021. If students are graduating this spring, they will receive a 100% refund on their remaining meal plan balance.

Is graduation canceled?

Oklahoma State University is postponing our May 2020 commencement ceremonies until Dec. 11 and 12, when we can celebrate our entire Class of 2020 together in Stillwater. These ceremonies will celebrate our actual spring and summer 2020 graduates, as well as our fall 2020 degree candidates. For the most up to date information click here.

Remember that you must still apply to graduate. The last day to apply for Spring 2020 graduation is Friday, April 24th and this can be done by clicking here.

I’ve never taken an online course and don’t think that I will be able to make good grades. What should I do?

Take a deep breath. Faculty and staff are stressed too about having to transition to online courses. Give everyone a grace period to figure out what works and what doesn’t.

OSU’s tutoring centers are also transitioning online for you. You can virtually meet with LASSO, the Math Learning Success Center (MLSC), and the Writing Center for continuous assistance during this time.

In terms of your grades, make sure to stay on top of whatever your professor is assigning. Set aside time each day to focus on schoolwork. Having a space set aside that is specifically for working on course work isn’t a bad idea either. Be in constant communication with your professor. If you have questions or fears, ask them! For a full list of tips and resources visit our Canvas Community page.

Are there resources for students who don’t have computer or internet access?

Yes. OSU is working to provide internet options and computer access to students who need it. Encourage your student to contact their academic advisor about their specific needs.

My class requires a particular software that some students do not have. What can we do?

OSU has virtual computer labs that students can use to access many software packages.

I am really stressed about the situation surrounding Covid-19. Are there resources available to help me?

You are not alone. This is a stressful time and there are resources to help you. The Department of Wellness has put out a list of tips for staying mentally and physically healthy right now that can be found here.

  • Therapy Assistance Online is available to anyone at OSU with a working @okstate email address.
  • 855-225-2SAM (2726) (Student Assistance by Mercy) has licensed counselors available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to respond to crises, and provide referrals and consultations.
  • In response to the COVID-19 situation OSU University Counseling Services is offering free video counseling services through their contract with MDLive to any OSU student who is in need. MDLive provides students with licensed counselors who can provide timely access to counseling via their video or phone platform. Please call 405 744-5458 for more information on getting setup with this service.

I am in a lab course. How am I expected to complete lab work?

All labs have transitioned to an online format. Students will not be expected to purchase any materials to do the lab at home or travel anywhere to complete the lab. Each professor has transitioned their lab, so talk to your professor about the specifics for your lab.

I want to drop a class this semester. Is it too late?

The date to drop a standard 16-week course with a W has been moved to Friday, April 24th.

What happens with enrollment for fall semester?

CAS Advisors are still available to meet with you to help you with enrollment. Make an appointment with them through the Star System and then you will meet with them remotely to discuss enrollment for next semester.

Where can I find the latest updates involving OSU’s response to Covid-19?

There is a dedicated website to Covid-19 which you can find here. OSU is constantly sending out new information to students, parents, staff and faculty, so please check your email often. You can also follow okstateCAS on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram for updates from CAS.

Where can I find FAQs for graduate students?

The Graduate College has posted answers to frequently asked questions for graduate students on their website.

Are there any additional resources for graduate students?

There are free resources for OSU post-docs and grad students through the National Center for Faculty Development and Diversity NCFDD regarding COVID-19, which includes everything from shifting to online teaching to self-care.

To claim your free Institutional Membership, complete the following steps:

  • Go to
  • Choose your institution from the drop-down menu.
  • Select “Activate my Membership”
  • Complete the registration form using your institutional email address (i.e.
  • Go to your institution email to find a confirmation/welcome email. Click “Activate Account” in the email.


What are OSU’s expectations for working from home?

OSU has an FAQ to answer your questions about working from home and other logistical questions. Also, HR provided tips for telecommuting.

Where can I find resources for teaching online?

At the bottom of this page under Teaching Online! Also, there are three recommended websites for finding more CAS online teaching resources:

  1. ITLE – A great place to get started if you’ve never taught online.
  2. CAS Instructional Design – Expectations and resources for high quality online teaching, specific to CAS.
  3. CAS Online Instructional Network - A Canvas repository of resources made by CAS faculty.

Are there any CAS recommendations for proctoring exams?

A recent announcement from the provost’s office stated, “Please remember faculty cannot add additional costs to students as courses are moved online. Federal law requires that all costs associated with a course must be posted when students are enrolling. As such, do not implement test proctoring services or other programs that will charge your students a fee not already approved and associated with your course(s).”

Any fees related to proctoring must be paid from the associated department, and must therefore receive department head approval. Many testing centers are currently closed, and online proctors are becoming increasingly difficult to find. Therefore, we recommend you find an alternative approach to assessing your students.

Here are some resources for alternative approaches to traditional paper-based testing, Canvas tips to avoid academic dishonesty, and examples of Canvas exam strategies.

How do I teach my courses with a lab?

OSU announced that all courses with labs will be conducted online for the remainder of the spring semester. Instructors can demo the lab and record it, for students to watch and complete lab reports. Our CAS Associate Dean of Research, Dr. Kristen Baum shared the JoVE website with resources that can help support online labs. Faculty can create an account with an email to access the materials for free.

Where can I go for guidance about mitigating the impact on my research?

For information regarding your research lab, you can reference the university research continuity guidelines.

Can I still submit Academic Alerts?

Yes, please do! Advisors are working remotely to help students succeed in their courses or drop them, if needed.

Are there any changes to the course drop deadline?

Yes. Students may drop individual courses (or multiple courses) with an automatic W through April 24. There will be no W/F grading period for Spring 2020.

If a student drops my class, can they get back in?

Yes. OSU is allowing students to re-enroll in a course within 1 week of the date they dropped, with advisor approval. Advisors are monitoring course drops and reaching out to students.

Any additional resources for OSU faculty, including our post-docs or grad students?

There are free resources for OSU faculty, post-docs and grad students through the National Center for Faculty Development and Diversity NCFDD regarding COVID-19, which includes everything from shifting to online teaching to self-care.

To claim your free Institutional Membership, complete the following steps:

  • Go to
  • Choose your institution from the drop-down menu.
  • Select “Activate my Membership”
  • Complete the registration form using your institutional email address (i.e.
  • Go to your institution email to find a confirmation/welcome email. Click “Activate Account” in the email.


What are OSU’s expectations for working from home?

OSU has an FAQ to answer your questions about working from home and other logistical questions. Also, HR provided tips for telecommuting.

Where can I find the latest information on sick leave and annual leave?

OSU has an FAQ to answer your questions about sick leave, annual leave, pay, and working from home.

I work with students regularly, how can I stay informed with the information going out to students?

Much of the information being shared with students is being posted on this student support website. You can also follow CAS on Facebook and Twitter, as we are sharing and posting resources and recent announcements for our students.

What can student workers do during this time?

HR sent a recent announcement about student workers, and will update their FAQ soon to reflect the following information:

May student employees work during this time?

Yes. Please maintain social distancing protocols as indicated by the CDC. Student employees may also telecommute at this time if work is available from their supervisors.

I am not able to work at this time including telecommuting options. Am I eligible for any type of pay at this time?

Yes. The university will provide pay for student employees for the week of March 23 to assist during this transition. This pay will be based upon the average pay earned by the student employee during the past semester. If the student did not anticipate work following spring break, no payment would be provided.

Am I eligible for pay under the federal Families First Coronavirus Response Act?

All employees, regardless of classification, are eligible for the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA). Beginning April 2, the provisions of FFCRA will be provided to all OSU employees for COVID-19 related absences for illness, care of dependents who are ill or care of dependents due to disruptions to childcare. More information related to this topic will be provided prior to April 2.

Are there any resources to help employees with stress or anxiety during this time?

Here are some resources you can access online during this difficult time.

  • As of January 1, 2019, all OSU/A&M employees and their covered family members on the BlueCross BlueShield of Oklahoma health plans have access to virtual visits through MD Live.
  • Therapy Assistance Online is available to anyone at OSU with a working @okstate email address.
  • Download the Calm app on your mobile device for free to practice controlled breathing and practice soothing meditation from wherever you are telecommuting.