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OSU brings piano class to Stillwater community

An Oklahoma State University music professor is offering a non-credit piano class for Stillwater-area adults. Aimed at beginners and those who wish to brush up on their skills, Introduction to Piano will meet from 5:30-6:20 p.m. inside OSU’s Seretean Center for the Performing Arts on Tuesday and Thursday evenings between Aug. 20 and Dec. 7.

Nataša Kaurin-Karača

Instructor Nataša Kaurin-Karača has 15 years of experience teaching piano, including leading Class Piano at OSU since 2006. She plans to adapt the fundamentals of that class for beginning students in the community.

“Perhaps they always wanted to learn to play but were reluctant to start with individual lessons or they thought it would take years of lessons to be able to play confidently,” Kaurin-Karača said. “Taking Class Piano is a wonderful way to make that first step and may start a new, highly-rewarding hobby.” 

Over the course of 16 weeks, students will learn the basics of piano and move to both classical and popular music. Assignments may also be tailored to the interest of individual students.

“If a student played a different instrument and already knows some basics of notation, that will only speed up the process for them but even students with no experience are welcome,” Kaurin-Karača said.

A typical lesson includes several activities introducing new repertoire, harmonization of folk and popular tunes, ensemble playing, sight-reading and technical exercises. No quizzes or tests will be administered and grades will not be assigned. There will be a final performance, which is open to the public.

One participant from last year’s class was Sheron Allen, who strongly encourages her friends to sign up when they ask her about the course.

“Don’t have any inhibitions, just go,” Allen said. “It is a wonderful experience. Nataša is amazing. She made the difference; she really did.”

A registration fee of $400 is due by Aug. 6. To register or find more information, visit or contact Program Coordinator Christine Nichols at or (405) 744-8459.