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OSU-Stillwater Announces Transfer Agreements with OSUIT


Following extended conversations between OSUIT and the main Oklahoma State University campus in Stillwater, students will have a more seamless pathway to continuing their education and graduating with a baccalaureate degree from OSU. The new transfer agreements help students who secure an associate’s degree in business or pre-professional studies from OSUIT to then obtain a four-year degree at OSU-Stillwater.


“As more jobs require bachelor’s degrees, and as the careers of individuals increasingly need to demonstrate life-long learning, these transfer agreements will allow OSUIT students to have a straightforward pathway to additional learning opportunities,” Bret Danilowicz, Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences at OSU, said.

Scott Newman, Vice President of Academic Affairs of the OSUIT campus, states that “these agreements represent new opportunities for OSUIT students to more effectively and efficiently pursue and fulfill their educational and career goals through OSU’s Arts and Sciences programs on the Stillwater and Tulsa campuses”.

OSUIT students who obtain an associate’s degree in business may smoothly transition towards a bachelor’s of science in economics. Those who enter OSUIT’s pre-professional studies program can pursue bachelor’s degrees in American Studies, English, history, liberal studies, microbiology, and psychology.

“Navigating degree requirements, especially when transferring from one institution to another, can be very complicated for students,” Amy Martindale, Assistant Dean for Academic Services for the College of Arts and Sciences, said. “These transfer maps very clearly lay out the course choices students need to meet requirements for both the associate’s degree and the bachelor’s degree without losing credits in the process.”

OSUIT’s new associate’s degree in pre-professional studies was created, in part, to give students the flexibility to apply courses toward a future bachelor’s degree. OSU Stillwater plans to continue developing transfer maps, which will open up even more bachelor’s degree choices to OSUIT students who choose this path.

“When these students have graduated from the challenging programs at OSUIT, we will be honored to have them become students in the College of Arts and Sciences,” Danilowicz said.

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